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Kick Start your GMAT Preparation with a Right Approach

Planning to study abroad? For students planning to study in one of the best business schools across the globe, Europe is definitely one of the popular MBA destinations. The following article shares some useful tips for GMAT preparation for studying in Europe.

Accepted by over 5,900 management and business programs across the globe, GMAT exam is the gateway to the world’s premier business schools. This exam allows you to showcase the knowledge and skills required in the leading business schools.

GMAT Preparation

Why Study in Europe?

The growing dominance and stature of European schools in the global rankings as well as the accreditation awards are seen as the key factors to attract students from across the globe. One of the major reasons for studying in Europe is the quality education provided to the overseas students. Educational institutions in Europe provide students with excellent services such as financial benefits, online procedures, accommodation, mentoring, and orientation.

About GMAT 

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a well-recognized Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), which test the candidates on verbal, quantitative, comprehensive and analytical aspects for application processes to various graduate schools. With scores varying from 400 to 800, GMAT exam allows the business schools to access the applicants for admission to the MBA programs. The exam mainly tests the candidates on four components- Integrated Reasoning, quantitative skills, verbal reasoning, and essay writing.

Tips to Prepare for GMAT

Planning to seek admission in one of the top European business schools? Every year, European business schools receive thousands of GMAT scores from the candidates. It goes without saying that preparation is required to achieve high scores in GMAT exam.

Here we share some useful exam preparation tips that can help you to increase your GMAT score:

  • Become Acquainted with the Exam: Being familiarized with the test format, types of questions and structures is the right start of your preparation.
  • Prepare a Strategy: For a better preparation, you should plan a strategy. Divide the number of months and hours for the preparation of different sections covered in the GMAT.
  • Find out How Much Score You Need: A planned preparation is the key to success. Working in this direction, try to find out the GMAT score you need to get admissions in your preferred colleges. If instance, if a student needs around 700 scores for Top 10 business schools, your target should be slightly more than that.
  • Take Practice Test: Take as many practice tests to check how near you are to your score target. This is the best way to check your knowledge and skills on different sections of the exam. Practice papers help you to monitor your progress.
  • Find out your weak Areas: Check your practice test scores on regular basis to get an idea about where you need more attention. A proper analysis of the type of questions you find more challenging can help you to give some extra time on those sections.
  • Start Preparation Early: To score good marks, it is vital to start your exam preparation months ahead the final exam. This can also depend on how much time you actually need to study a particular section and prepare for all the areas.
  • Do not Jump into the Question:One common mistake made by most of the students is that they start solving a problem without giving some time to understand it properly. This increases the chance of error and less score. So, the idea is to understand the question and then attempt it.

The culturally diverse and rich Europe has a lot to offer to the students studying here. Along with cultural experience, Europe is the best destination to gain the best educational services.

So, start with an early preparation for GMAT exam and choose one of the top colleges to carve your career path!

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Swati Srivastava is an experienced writer with a rich knowledge in educational topics. Her articles cover a wide area of topics such as tips for GMAT Exam preparation, the top European business schools & educational institutions in Europe and Lucrative Career Options.

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