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The Importance of Distance Education in India

The Distance education is gaining more and more popularity these days due to its additional advantages like pursuing education from home, reasonable fees etc. In general the methodology of distance learning is preferred by those students live far away from University area and also those who want to add qualification while working with some firms. As even working individual feels like adding some more qualification to their resume either to increase the chances of promotion in their company or to have better opportunities with other corporate.

The distance education in India is specially designed for that. As their job timings may not be suitable for attending classes in the university they can go for distance learning.There are many students who cannot afford the expenses of education, and such students can work and continue their education either with the help of online education or correspondence education in India. Be it any course the main motto of the Indian educational system is to make the education available for people of all classes. Many students do believe that both distance learning and online learning is one and the same thing, but the fact is that both are not completely same.

In distance learning students will not get facility of listening to classes of the university while in online learning students can enjoy this facility. But the online learning is meant to pursue some certification courses which act as an added asset in your resume while the correspondence courses are meant to add some more qualification which is mandatory to get suitable job. Fees for both these mediums are quite less in comparison to university education. Thus students who have real zeal to study can use any of these 2 modes of education to enjoy a great career ahead. Besides this, the students who have passion to learn can choose the online courses to learn something new related to their educational stream.

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