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Difference Between MBA and PGDBA Program

It is real fact that most of the students in these days are not getting employment opportunities after completing their degree. So the student must give their special attention to choose their career path in the suitable way. Now the MBA becomes most preferable choice because the person who is completing this degree will get confident to run their own business. In business administration degree you can choose MBA or else PGDM.

MBA: The MBA course is specially designed for student to study the various things about different kind of business. Some of the courses available in the MBA are accounting, finance, economics, management, human resource and the marketing. The above specified courses are highly recommended for all kind of business.

Job opportunities for MBA:

The MBA degree has the job opportunities in both private as well as public sectors. Some of the place which required MBA profession is,

  • Business consultancies
  • Industrial house
  • Banks
  • Financial organization
  • Own business

 Difference in MBA and PGDBA

PGDBA: The duration of post graduate diploma in business analytics (PGDBA) course is two years. This course are deals the study of theoretical as well as practical aspects of the business. You have choice to join this degree after completing the graduate level. The PGDBA is available in many different specializations.

Job Opportunities In PGDBA:

The PGDBA has great career in private and the public sectors. The salary package of the PGDBA is high than the MBA graduates. Some of the profession required PGDBA graduates are,

  • Public works
  • Banks
  • Tourism industry
  • Financial firm
  • Personal business
  • Marketing profession
  • Branding profession
  • Educational institutes.

Difference Between MBA And PGDBA:

The major difference between the MBA and PGDBA course is that the MBA is affiliated by the universities but the PGDBA is approved by the AICTE this course is autonomous which is not affiliated by other universities.


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